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EPISIS is a distributor of MedChemExpress (MCE) in Türkiye                                                                                   17.01.2024

MedChemExpress (MCE) offers a wide range of high-quality research chemicals and biochemicals (novel life-science reagents, reference compounds and natural compounds) for scientific use. We have professionally experienced and friendly staff to meet your needs. We are a competent and trustworthy partner for your research and scientific projects.

Product quality is the key to our success and we take pride in offering only the highest-grade products. Product identity, quality, purity and activity are assured by our robust quality control programs and procedures. We provide HNMR, LC-MS, HPLC, stability testing and activity assays of our products to clients.

Visit online at to discover more.


EPISIS is a distributor of Kaneka Eurogentec in Türkiye                                                                                      21.08.2023

About Kaneka Eurogentec: 

Eurogentec is a biotechnology company providing life science products and personalized services to academic, medical and industrial scientists world-wide.

Eurogentec is also a trusted CDMO internationally recognized for the development and production of biopharmaceutical critical raw materials and therapeutic molecules. Based in Belgium, Eurogentec is a member of Kaneka Corporation.


Eurogentec develop and produce products, kits and reaction mixes for scientists. They use them in their molecular biology assays, diagnostic tests and commercialization of new drugs. In addition, 11000+ genomics and proteomics catalog items, we assist our customers in their daily researches by providing them chemically or biologically synthesized tailor-made products.

Our offer includes research, diagnostic and therapeutic grade biomolecules such as oligonucleotides, plasmids, peptides, recombinant proteins and antibodies among others.

  • Simple to complex oligonucleotides

  • Diagnostic Oligos

  • Therapeutic Oligos

  • Peptides

  • High Quality Sequence

  • iD product range

  • GMP BioManufacturing

  • Custom manufacturing service

  • Fragmentation & GMP production of antibody fragements

  • Quantitative PCR Kits

  • Ultra pure DNA Polymerases

  • Custom Assays

  • Gene Analysis

  • Starting material & API

  • Custom IVT-RNA Production

Visit online at to discover more.


EPISIS is an exclusive distributor of Scientific Specialties, Inc. "SSI Bio" in Türkiye                                                01.01.2023

About Scientific Specialties, Inc.: 

For over 30 years SSIbio has committed to providing high-quality plasticware for Life Science Laboratory Consumables because of this, laboratories around the world have come to rely in SSI Bio's plastic consumables for everyday research as well as ground-breaking discoveries.

Scientific Specialties is a leading innovator in Life Science, offering Pipette Tips, PCR, Screw Microtubes, Centrifuge Tubes, and Cryogenic Tubes, HTS Products, and Tube Racks.

Visit online at to discover more.

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