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The Mupid®-One is a CE labeled electrophoresis system for agarose gels. The electrophoresis tank is directly connected to the included Smart Power supply.
The device is really compact and is delivered with multiple accessories.
- CE marked
- Smart power supply
- Heat resistant materials
- Multichannel pipette compatible
- Safety Interlock System
- Gel maker set included

Intelligent Power Supply

Timer function: The timer can be user-set from 1 to 99 minutes (includes alarm). The continuous and pause modes are available
Voltage variation range: 7 kinds of output voltages are available: 18 - 25 - 35 - 50 - 70 - 100 - 135 V (constant) . Peak volatge is constant (140 V) and output level changes through pulse control
Very simple operation: Operations are very simple, pushing 'Timer", "Voltage Selector", "Run/Pause/Stop" buttons
Current regulation: Rather than performing a forced shutdown when peak current is exceeded the Mupid®-One controls the voltage so that it can maintain the current at or below peak value for continuous operation
Storage of set values: Set voltage and timer values used in the last experiment are automatically retained in memory (supports pausing)
Global Input Voltage Compatibility: Variable input voltage of 100 to 240 V supports used virtually anywhere in the world. Individual country power supply cable may differ

The lid is made of a robsut material and has been designed so that it can be removed with only one hand
The water guide will prevent water from directly dripping while opening the cover and will allow good drainage when washing
The cover is directly connected to the power supply; the main power cannot be operated without the lid
Convenient to use

With this very convenient electrophoresis system you will be able to make variable sizes of gel. The combs can be changed very easily and the tank can be washed easily thanks to the removable power supply.
Up to 104 samples (96 samples + 8 markers) can be easily loaded with a multichannel pipette in 130 x 122 mm gel.
Compatible with gel casting set of previous Mupid®. Heat resistant gel casting set.
> Gel solution up to 100 can be poured into the Gel Tray. This makes gel casting time shorter.
> Clean up the used Gel Tray easily by boiling water.
Buffer Drains: Buffer drains are at two corners so that buffer can drain away easily.
Washable: The electrophoresis cell can be separated from the power supply and is washable.

Tank size: 183 x 56 x 162 mm
Lid size: 197 x 38 x 170 mm
Power supply size: 170 x 62 x 75 mm
Only 270 to 320 ml of buffer and 50 to 120 ml of agarose will be required to run a gel.
Included accessories in the complete set (#MU-0041-):

All the accessories are included with the electrophoresis system: gel maker set (3 trays - 4 combs - stand)
Heat resistant gel casting set
> Gel solution up to 100 can be pourd into the Gel Tray. This makes gel casting time shorter
> Clean up the used Gel Tray easily by boiling water
Multichannel-pipette compatible Comb theeth pitch matches the multichannel-pipette and multi*-sample applicable.
* The large gel tray can make up to 4 rowes of wells (running length of 2.7 cm), so can handle up to 104 samples (26 x 4 = 104).

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