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Citadel Türkiye | DeepWell Plakalar

Citadel™ Deep-Well Plates and Cluster Tube Systems are ideal for high-throughput screening processes and long-term storage. It all begins with high-clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene, combined with proprietary injection molding techniques to produce high-clarity vessels that are exceptionally robust, chemically-resistant, and pure.

  • Deep well plates are ideal for storage, dilution, mixing, harvesting, culture assays and screening.

  • Storage and reaction tubes are ideal for sample collection, prep and long-term storage.

  • Plates and tube racks have SBS footprint; 8 × 12 format.

  • Cluster tubes are available individually or in strips of 8 or 12 tubes.

  • Cluster tubes and racks are polypropylene; caps are polyethylene.

Rack systems are equally suitable as a reaction vessel in your robotic workstation or as a long-term storage vessel in your sample library.

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